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2018 World Broomball Championships
Please Note – in the case of any discrepancy, the official schedule at the event will supersede the schedule posted on this site.

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Schedule by Category
Arenas | All Categories |Mens | Womens | Mixed | Masters |
1Ontario Coyotes - CAN
2Yukon Lead Dawgs - CAN
3Regal Beagle - USA
4Maritime Nor'easters - CAN
5Australia Gold - Dingoes - AUS
6Australia Green - Dingoes - AUS
7Japan Ice Ducks - JPN
8Alkatchetario Rage - CAN
9Team Canada- Broomshak - CAN
10Regina Weezilz - CAN
18Tue, Oct 309:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Japan Ice Ducks - JPN2vsRegina Weezilz - CAN3Complete
19Tue, Oct 3010:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Alkatchetario Rage - CAN0vsAustralia Green - Dingoes - AUS1Complete
20Tue, Oct 3010:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Australia Gold - Dingoes - AUS1vsMaritime Nor'easters - CAN3Complete
21Tue, Oct 3010:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Team Canada- Broomshak - CAN4vsYukon Lead Dawgs - CAN0Complete
22Tue, Oct 3010:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Regal Beagle - USA0vsOntario Coyotes - CAN4Complete
40Tue, Oct 3013:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Regina Weezilz - CAN0vsRegal Beagle - USA0Complete
41Tue, Oct 3013:00Schwan Super Rink: 5Ontario Coyotes - CAN2vsAlkatchetario Rage - CAN0Complete
42Tue, Oct 3013:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Maritime Nor'easters - CAN4vsJapan Ice Ducks - JPN0Complete
43Tue, Oct 3014:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Yukon Lead Dawgs - CAN1vsAustralia Gold - Dingoes - AUS2Complete
44Tue, Oct 3014:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Australia Green - Dingoes - AUS0vsTeam Canada- Broomshak - CAN10Complete
65Wed, Oct 319:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Australia Gold - Dingoes - AUS3vsRegina Weezilz - CAN4Complete
66Wed, Oct 3110:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Japan Ice Ducks - JPN1vsOntario Coyotes - CAN5Complete
67Wed, Oct 3110:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Alkatchetario Rage - CAN4vsYukon Lead Dawgs - CAN3Complete
68Wed, Oct 3110:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Regal Beagle - USA5vsAustralia Green - Dingoes - AUS0Complete
69Wed, Oct 3110:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Team Canada- Broomshak - CAN3vsMaritime Nor'easters - CAN0Complete
87Wed, Oct 3113:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Ontario Coyotes - CAN3vsAustralia Gold - Dingoes - AUS0Complete
88Wed, Oct 3113:00Schwan Super Rink: 5Yukon Lead Dawgs - CAN0vsRegal Beagle - USA2Complete
89Wed, Oct 3113:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Australia Green - Dingoes - AUS0vsJapan Ice Ducks - JPN5Complete
90Wed, Oct 3114:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Maritime Nor'easters - CAN7vsAlkatchetario Rage - CAN0Complete
91Wed, Oct 3114:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Regina Weezilz - CAN0vsTeam Canada- Broomshak - CAN7Complete
110Thu, Nov 19:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Regal Beagle - USA1vsMaritime Nor'easters - CAN1Complete
111Thu, Nov 19:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Team Canada- Broomshak - CAN6vsOntario Coyotes - CAN0Complete
112Thu, Nov 19:00Schwan Super Rink: 5Japan Ice Ducks - JPN1vsYukon Lead Dawgs - CAN2Complete
113Thu, Nov 19:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Australia Gold - Dingoes - AUS7vsAustralia Green - Dingoes - AUS0Complete
117Thu, Nov 110:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Alkatchetario Rage - CAN1vsRegina Weezilz - CAN3Complete

Mixed Playoffs
Mixed CC Quarter Final
137Fri, Nov 27:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Japan Ice Ducks3 Alkatchetario Rage0Complete
138Fri, Nov 27:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Yukon Lead Dawgs6 Australia Green - Dingoes0Complete
165Fri, Nov 213:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Alkatchetario Rage5 Australia Green - Dingoes1Complete
Mixed CC Semi-Final
155Fri, Nov 210:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Australia Gold - Dingoes1 Japan Ice Ducks0Complete
156Fri, Nov 210:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Regina Weezilz2 Yukon Lead Dawgs1Complete
Mixed WC Semi-Final
153Fri, Nov 210:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Team Canada- Broomshak3 Regal Beagle1Complete
154Fri, Nov 210:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Ontario Coyotes2 Maritime Nor'easters3Complete
Mixed CC Bronze
169Fri, Nov 214:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Japan Ice Ducks0 Yukon Lead Dawgs1Complete
Mixed WC Bronze
179Sat, Nov 311:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Regal Beagle1 Ontario Coyotes2Complete
Mixed CC Gold
183Sat, Nov 313:40Schwan Super Rink: 2Australia Gold - Dingoes3 Regina Weezilz1Complete
Mixed WC Gold
176Sat, Nov 39:40Schwan Super Rink: 1Team Canada- Broomshak5 Maritime Nor'easters1Complete

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