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2018 World Broomball Championships
Please Note – in the case of any discrepancy, the official schedule at the event will supersede the schedule posted on this site.

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Schedule by Category
Arenas | All Categories |Mens | Womens | Mixed | Masters |
1HPQ Silicon - CAN
2Most Wanted - CAN
3Fat Les Selects - CAN
4Australia - Dingoes - AUS
5Sun Devils - USA
6Radical Steel - CAN
7Home Grown - USA
8Calgary Blazers - CAN
8Tue, Oct 308:00Schwan Super Rink: 2HPQ Silicon - CAN4vsMost Wanted - CAN0Complete
9Tue, Oct 308:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Fat Les Selects - CAN7vsAustralia - Dingoes - AUS1Complete
10Tue, Oct 308:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Sun Devils - USA2vsRadical Steel - CAN1Complete
11Tue, Oct 308:00Schwan Super Rink: 5Home Grown - USA3vsCalgary Blazers - CAN3Complete
30Tue, Oct 3011:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Calgary Blazers - CAN1vsHPQ Silicon - CAN4Complete
31Tue, Oct 3012:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Most Wanted - CAN4vsFat Les Selects - CAN1Complete
32Tue, Oct 3012:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Australia - Dingoes - AUS0vsSun Devils - USA7Complete
33Tue, Oct 3012:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Radical Steel - CAN0vsHome Grown - USA0Complete
55Wed, Oct 318:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Home Grown - USA1vsMost Wanted - CAN1Complete
56Wed, Oct 318:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Sun Devils - USA4vsCalgary Blazers - CAN2Complete
57Wed, Oct 318:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Fat Les Selects - CAN1vsRadical Steel - CAN0Complete
58Wed, Oct 318:00Schwan Super Rink: 5HPQ Silicon - CAN10vsAustralia - Dingoes - AUS0Complete
77Wed, Oct 3111:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Australia - Dingoes - AUS0vsCalgary Blazers - CAN4Complete
78Wed, Oct 3112:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Most Wanted - CAN1vsRadical Steel - CAN0Complete
79Wed, Oct 3112:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Fat Les Selects - CAN0vsSun Devils - USA1Complete
80Wed, Oct 3112:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Home Grown - USA0vsHPQ Silicon - CAN3Complete
102Thu, Nov 18:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Radical Steel - CAN4vsAustralia - Dingoes - AUS0Complete
103Thu, Nov 18:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Home Grown - USA0vsFat Les Selects - CAN6Complete
104Thu, Nov 18:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Sun Devils - USA0vsHPQ Silicon - CAN0Complete
105Thu, Nov 18:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Most Wanted - CAN4vsCalgary Blazers - CAN1Complete
124Thu, Nov 112:00Schwan Super Rink: 1Radical Steel - CAN1vsHPQ Silicon - CAN3Complete
125Thu, Nov 112:00Schwan Super Rink: 2Most Wanted - CAN4vsAustralia - Dingoes - AUS0Complete
126Thu, Nov 112:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Fat Les Selects - CAN1vsCalgary Blazers - CAN1Complete
127Thu, Nov 112:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Home Grown - USA0vsSun Devils - USA1Complete
149Fri, Nov 29:00Schwan Super Rink: 3Calgary Blazers - CAN1vsRadical Steel - CAN0Complete
150Fri, Nov 29:00Schwan Super Rink: 4Australia - Dingoes - AUS1vsHome Grown - USA4Complete
151Fri, Nov 29:00Schwan Super Rink: 5HPQ Silicon - CAN5vsFat Les Selects - CAN0Complete
152Fri, Nov 29:00Schwan Super Rink: 6Sun Devils - USA1vsMost Wanted - CAN0Complete

Masters Playoffs
Masters CC Bronze
168Fri, Nov 214:00Schwan Super Rink: 5Radical Steel4 Australia - Dingoes0Complete
Masters WC Bronze
175Sat, Nov 38:20Schwan Super Rink: 2Most Wanted0 Fat Les Selects4Complete
Masters CC Gold
181Sat, Nov 312:20Schwan Super Rink: 2Calgary Blazers0 Home Grown1Complete
Masters WC Gold
178Sat, Nov 311:00Schwan Super Rink: 1HPQ Silicon1 Sun Devils2Complete

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