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Broomball - 2018 World Broomball Championships - Team Statistics
30th October 2018 - 3rd November 2018
Results data streamed with Broomball Canada

Division Standings: Mens Blue
1Bruno Axemen CAN1081117
2Kelly Lake/ No sweat USA1063113
3C & L Exc USA852111
4Border City Bulldogs CAN94419
5Gladiateurs-Quebec CAN83328
6Pochi '89 - Italy ITA103706
7Wolves USA81524
8Bethel University Royals USA80800

Team Record
Game Results
#DateRinkHomeScoreVisitorsScoreGame Type
5Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 5Gladiateurs-Quebec10Bethel University Royals0
26Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 2Bruno Axemen2Gladiateurs-Quebec1
50Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 3Gladiateurs-Quebec3Border City Bulldogs2
70Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 5Gladiateurs-Quebec0Kelly Lake/ No sweat0
92Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 4Gladiateurs-Quebec5Pochi '89 - Italy0
109Nov 1stSchwan Super Rink - 2C & L Exc2Gladiateurs-Quebec1
128Nov 1stSchwan Super Rink - 3Gladiateurs-Quebec1Wolves1
139Nov 2ndSchwan Super Rink - 5Team Canada - Ottawa Nationals4Gladiateurs-Quebec2Men's WC Quarter Final

Player Stats
4Marc-Antoine Larouche (D)800000.00
8Francis Forget (F)812030.38
12Maxime Plamondon (F)823050.63
13Jean-Sebastien Des Rosiers (D)830030.38
16Zachary Leclerc (F)806060.75
18Olivier Archambault (F)845091.13
19Francis Lambert (F)820020.25
24Marco Chapadeau (D)802020.25
28Patrick Roy (F)801010.13
31Marc-Andre Allard (G)800000.00
32Francois Forget (F)820020.25
59Jeremie Simard (F)851060.75
66Martin Plamondon (D)801010.13
77Patrick Etienne (D)801010.13
82Sebastien Bouchard (D)812030.38
95Jonathan Rake (F)834070.88

CoachMartin Plamondon
Assistant CoachKaryne -Isabelle Cadieux

Goalie Stats
Marc-Andre Allard8 3323111.38

Team Leaders
Most Goals
#59Jeremie Simard5
Most Assists
#16Zachary Leclerc6
Most Points
#18Olivier Archambault9
Most Penalties
Many with 0