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Broomball - 2018 World Broomball Championships - Team Statistics
30th October 2018 - 3rd November 2018
Results data streamed with Broomball Canada

Calgary Blazers
Division Standings: Masters Black
1Sun Devils USA870115
2HPQ Silicon CAN861113
3Most Wanted CAN84319
4Fat Les Selects CAN84319
5Home Grown USA82337
6Calgary Blazers CAN82426
7Radical Steel CAN82515
8Australia - Dingoes AUS80800

Team Record
Game Results
#DateRinkHomeScoreVisitorsScoreGame Type
11Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 5Home Grown3Calgary Blazers3
30Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 6Calgary Blazers1HPQ Silicon4
56Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 3Sun Devils4Calgary Blazers2
77Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 6Australia - Dingoes0Calgary Blazers4
105Nov 1stSchwan Super Rink - 4Most Wanted4Calgary Blazers1
126Nov 1stSchwan Super Rink - 3Fat Les Selects1Calgary Blazers1
149Nov 2ndSchwan Super Rink - 3Calgary Blazers1Radical Steel0
181Nov 3rdSchwan Super Rink - 2Calgary Blazers0Home Grown1Masters CC Gold

Player Stats
3Gord Getz (D)800000.00
5Adam Polzen (F)801010.13
6Chad Pelland (F)832050.63
11Brent Kreller (F)812030.38
13Gord Yeo (F)802020.25
15Jason Sorochan (D)802020.25
17Jason Smith (F)820020.25
18Randy Ramsden (F)830030.38
24Shane Hubick (F)823050.63
25Darrell Cherniak (F)823050.63
31Larry Henton (G)800000.00
77Terry Frei (D)801010.13

CoachAl Coulter
CoachHoward Hubick
CoachAl Coulter

Goalie Stats
Larry Henton8 2422172.13

Team Leaders
Most Goals
#6Chad Pelland3
#18Randy Ramsden3
Most Assists
#25Darrell Cherniak3
#24Shane Hubick3
Most Points
#25Darrell Cherniak5
#24Shane Hubick5
#6Chad Pelland5
Most Penalties
Many with 0