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2015 Juvenile National Championships Schedule
Please Note in the case of any discrepancy, the official schedule at the event will supersede the schedule posted on this site.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TimeVenue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 1 -Goderich
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
8:00 - 9:051Juvenile GirlsQC1-CAJ Centre-du-Quebec 2VS.ON1-Seaway Valley Devils 1Complete
9:05 - 10:103Juvenile GirlsON2-Twisted Sisters 2VS.SK2-Big River Crusaders 1Complete
10:10 - 11:155Juvenile BoysQC1-As St-Coeur-de-Marie 4VS.ON1-Windsor Devils 0Complete
11:15 - 12:207Juvenile BoysON2-Palmerston Posse 5VS.SK2-Bruno Axemen 2Complete
14:00 - 15:059Juvenile GirlsON2-Twisted Sisters 0VS.QC1-CAJ Centre-du-Quebec 1Complete
15:05 - 16:1010Juvenile GirlsSK1-Debden Roadrunners 0VS.QC2-T-Miss 1Complete
16:10 - 17:1512Juvenile BoysSK1-Odessa Bandits 2VS.QC2-Blitz Temiscouata 1Complete
17:15 - 18:2014Juvenile GirlsTeam Manitoba (Host)0VS.Eastern Thunder (Def. Champs)3Complete
18:20 - 19:25Opening CeremoniesScheduled
19:25 - 20:30
 Venue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 2 -Clinton
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
 2Juvenile GirlsTeam Manitoba (Host)0VS.SK1-Debden Roadrunners 2Complete
 4Juvenile GirlsEastern Thunder (Def. Champs)1VS.QC2-T-Miss 0Complete
 6Juvenile BoysTeam Manitoba (Host)3VS.SK1-Odessa Bandits 2Complete
 8Juvenile BoysValley Gamblers (Def. Champs)2VS.QC2-Blitz Temiscouata 3Complete
 11Juvenile GirlsON1-Seaway Valley Devils 7VS.SK2-Big River Crusaders 0Complete
 13Juvenile BoysON1-Windsor Devils 6VS.SK2-Bruno Axemen 0Complete
 15Juvenile BoysON2-Palmerston Posse 0VS.QC1-As St-Coeur-de-Marie 1Complete
 16Juvenile BoysTeam Manitoba (Host)3VS.Valley Gamblers (Def. Champs)0Complete

Thursday, March 26, 2015

TimeVenue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 1 -Goderich
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
9:00 - 10:0517Men's X-OverSK1-Odessa Bandits 2VS.ON2-Palmerston Posse 4Complete
10:05 - 11:1019Men's X-OverTeam Manitoba (Host)9VS.SK2-Bruno Axemen 3Complete
11:10 - 12:1521Women's X-OverSK1-Debden Roadrunners 0VS.ON2-Twisted Sisters 3Complete
12:15 - 13:2023Women's X-OverTeam Manitoba (Host)0VS.SK2-Big River Crusaders 1Complete
15:00 - 16:0525Men's X-OverON1-Windsor Devils 0VS.Team Manitoba (Host)1Complete
16:05 - 17:1027Men's X-OverSK2-Bruno Axemen 1VS.Valley Gamblers (Def. Champs)4Complete
17:10 - 18:1529Women's X-OverON1-Seaway Valley Devils 7VS.Team Manitoba (Host)0Complete
18:15 - 19:2031Women's X-OverSK2-Big River Crusaders 0VS.Eastern Thunder (Def. Champs)2Complete
 Venue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 2 -Clinton
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
 18Men's X-OverQC2-Blitz Temiscouata 1VS.ON1-Windsor Devils 7Complete
 20Men's X-OverQC1-As St-Coeur-de-Marie 0VS.Valley Gamblers (Def. Champs)1Complete
 22Women's X-OverQC2-T-Miss 0VS.ON1-Seaway Valley Devils 2Complete
 24Women's X-OverQC1-CAJ Centre-du-Quebec 1VS.Eastern Thunder (Def. Champs)2Complete
 26Men's X-OverSK1-Odessa Bandits 2VS.QC1-As St-Coeur-de-Marie 3Complete
 28Men's X-OverQC2-Blitz Temiscouata 2VS.ON2-Palmerston Posse 10Complete
 30Women's X-OverSK1-Debden Roadrunners 0VS.QC1-CAJ Centre-du-Quebec 5Complete
 32Women's X-OverQC2-T-Miss 2VS.ON2-Twisted Sisters 0Complete

Friday, March 27, 2015

TimeVenue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 1 -Goderich
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
7:00 - 8:0533Juvenile GirlsQC2-T-Miss 3VS.Team Manitoba (Host)0Complete
8:05 - 9:1035Juvenile GirlsEastern Thunder (Def. Champs)3VS.SK1-Debden Roadrunners 2Complete
9:10 - 10:1537Juvenile BoysQC2-Blitz Temiscouata 2VS.Team Manitoba (Host)0Complete
10:15 - 11:2039Juvenile BoysValley Gamblers (Def. Champs)1VS.SK1-Odessa Bandits 0Complete
13:30 - 14:3541A Side Women's-semi FinalQC1-CAJ Centre-du-Quebec 3VS.QC2-T-Miss 1Complete
14:35 - 15:4043A Side Women's-semi FinalEastern Thunder (Def. Champs)0VS.ON1-Seaway Valley Devils 1Complete
15:40 - 16:4545A Side Men's-semi FinalQC1-As St-Coeur-de-Marie 2VS.Valley Gamblers (Def. Champs)0Complete
16:45 - 17:5047A Side Men's-semi FinalTeam Manitoba (Host)2VS.ON2-Palmerston Posse 3Complete
 Venue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 2 -Clinton
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
 34Juvenile GirlsON2-Twisted Sisters 0VS.ON1-Seaway Valley Devils 4Complete
 36Juvenile GirlsSK2-Big River Crusaders 0VS.QC1-CAJ Centre-du-Quebec 4Complete
 38Juvenile BoysON2-Palmerston Posse 1VS.ON1-Windsor Devils 0Complete
 40Juvenile BoysSK2-Bruno Axemen 1VS.QC1-As St-Coeur-de-Marie 5Complete
 42B Side Women's-semi FinalTeam Manitoba (Host)1VS.ON2-Twisted Sisters 4Complete
 44B Side Women's-semi FinalSK1-Debden Roadrunners 1VS.SK2-Big River Crusaders 0Complete
 46B Side Men's-semi FinalON1-Windsor Devils 3VS.SK1-Odessa Bandits 0Complete
 48B Side Men's-semi FinalQC2-Blitz Temiscouata 5VS.SK2-Bruno Axemen 0Complete

Saturday, March 28, 2015

TimeVenue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 1 -Goderich
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
8:00 - 9:1049B Side Women's BronzeSK2-Big River Crusaders 2VS.Team Manitoba (Host)1Complete
9:10 - 10:2050B Side Men's BronzeSK2-Bruno Axemen 0VS.SK1-Odessa Bandits 2Complete
10:20 - 11:3051B Side Women's GoldSK1-Debden Roadrunners 0VS.ON2-Twisted Sisters 3Complete
11:30 - 12:4052B Side Men's GoldQC2-Blitz Temiscouata 2VS.ON1-Windsor Devils 1Complete
13:30 - 14:4053A Side Women's BronzeEastern Thunder (Def. Champs)2VS.QC2-T-Miss 1Complete
14:40 - 15:5054A Side Men's BronzeTeam Manitoba (Host)0VS.Valley Gamblers (Def. Champs)2Complete
15:50 - 17:0055A Side Women's GoldON1-Seaway Valley Devils 1VS.QC1-CAJ Centre-du-Quebec 0Complete
17:00 - 18:1056A Side Men's GoldON2-Palmerston Posse 0VS.QC1-As St-Coeur-de-Marie 1Complete
 Venue: Portage La Prairie: Arena 2 -Clinton
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus

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