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2019 Canada Cup Schedule
Please Note in the case of any discrepancy, the official schedule at the event will supersede the schedule posted on this site.

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Friday, October 25, 2019

TimeVenue: Arnprior: Rink 1
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
20:00 - 21:001MensTeam Canada Ottawa Nationals 2VS.Gladiateurs 0Complete
21:00 - 22:002MensPatriotes 3VS.Outlaws 0Complete
22:00 - 23:003MensEagles 3VS.Phantoms 0Complete
23:00 - 23:554MensMinto Selects 1VS.Lacombe 0Complete
 Venue: Arnprior: Rink 2
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus

Saturday, October 26, 2019

TimeVenue: Arnprior: Rink 1
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
8:00 - 9:005WomensTeam Canada Vipers 1VS.Mavericks 0Complete
9:00 - 10:007WomensOSS 1VS.Reign 2Complete
10:00 - 11:009MixedTeam Canada Broomshak 5VS.Valley Lakers 1Complete
11:00 - 12:0011MensPhantoms 0VS.Team Canada Ottawa Nationals 3Complete
12:00 - 13:0013MensLacombe 0VS.Patriotes 1Complete
13:00 - 14:0015WomensGrey Bruce 0VS.Rebels 1Complete
14:00 - 15:0017WomensPolar Ice 0VS.TMiss 2Complete
15:00 - 16:0019MixedTeam Canada Broomshak 4VS.Hillbillies 1Complete
16:00 - 17:0021MensEagles 2VS.Team Canada Ottawa Nationals 1Complete
17:00 - 18:0023MensMinto Selects 0VS.Patriotes 0Complete
18:00 - 19:0025WomensTMiss 0VS.Rebels 5Complete
19:00 - 20:0027WomensReign 0VS.Team Canada Vipers 1Complete
20:00 - 21:0029MixedWindsor 0VS.Team Canada Broomshak 7Complete
21:00 - 22:1031Men's Semi-FinalEagles 2VS.Minto Selects 0Complete
22:10 - 23:1032Men's Semi-FinalPatriotes 0VS.Team Canada Ottawa Nationals 4Complete
 Venue: Arnprior: Rink 2
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
 6WomensRebels 3VS.Polar Ice 0Complete
 8WomensTMiss 1VS.Grey Bruce 1Complete
 10MixedHillbillies 2VS.Windsor 0Complete
 12MensGladiateurs 1VS.Eagles 4Complete
 14MensOutlaws 0VS.Minto Selects 2Complete
 16WomensReign 3VS.Mavericks 1Complete
 18WomensTeam Canada Vipers 1VS.OSS 1Complete
 20MixedWindsor 3VS.Valley Lakers 0Complete
 22MensGladiateurs 0VS.Phantoms 0Complete
 24MensOutlaws 0VS.Lacombe 0Complete
 26WomensPolar Ice 1VS.Grey Bruce 1Complete
 28WomensMavericks 0VS.OSS 1Complete
 30MixedHillbillies 1VS.Valley Lakers 3Complete

Sunday, October 27, 2019

TimeVenue: Arnprior: Rink 1
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus
7:00 - 8:1033Mixed Semi-FinalWindsor 0VS.Hillbillies 3Complete
8:10 - 9:2034Women's Semi-FinalTeam Canada Vipers 3VS.TMiss 1Complete
9:20 - 10:3035Women's Semi-FinalRebels 2VS.Reign 1Complete
10:30 - 11:4036Mixed ChampionshipTeam Canada Broomshak 1VS.Hillbillies 3Complete
11:40 - 12:5037Men's ChampionshipEagles 2VS.Team Canada Ottawa Nationals 1Complete
12:50 - 14:0038Women's ChampionshipTeam Canada Vipers 1VS.Rebels 2Complete
 Venue: Arnprior: Rink 2
   #    Game Type       Home    Score     Visitors    ScoreStatus

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